A well designed bathroom should be beautiful, durable and highly functional. Whether your next project is a Master Suite, Secondary Bathroom, Guest Bath or a Powder Room, or all these purposes needs to be consolidated into one or two bathrooms there are important considerations to think about.

Master Suites and Master Bathrooms are the homeowners sanctuary. It is where all personal expectations can be freely expressed. Enlarging the shower, adding body jet, turning it to a steam-shower, floor-heating are some of the few things that can be done to give the spa feel to be able to get rid of your daily stress. With so many functions, these rooms needs to be carefully planned in order to provide electrical outlets where needed, to be organized with added storage while having frequent functions within reach, etc.

Guest Bathrooms should provide basic functions for your guests. As they are typically smaller spaces, it is often a better option to remove the bathtub and build a new shower to give a much more specious feel. Material selections should coordinate with the rest of your home.

Powder Rooms are the most fun areas. Since they are very small, glamorous materials, beautiful light fixtures, mirrors with custom moldings can be used to cheer and impress guests.

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