With natural stones like granite and marble to man made surface options to choose from, the right countertop can transform the look of your kitchen, bar or bath. It can also make it more durable, reduce maintenance, look unique and increase the value of your property.

"Granite" as specification, is second to diamond within all types of stones. Therefore, you can cut food directly on it without worrying that it will scratch. It is also heat resistant and many granite colors are so dense that they are stain resistant.

"Marble" surfaces are preferred for their distinctive looks. They are softer than granite in nature and must be handled with care.

"Quartz" surfaces are build to be virtually maintenance free, stain resistant. KLUEM even offers certain quartz brands with antimicrobial protection embedded within the surface.

"Stainless Steel" is easy to clean and stain resistant. As a type of metal, it needs to be handled with care to avoid scratching.

"Butcher Block" is a great surface when it comes to efficient preparation of food since it provides a large surface rather than a small cutting board. It is often used as a part of countertops providing a beautiful accent to the rest of the surfaces.

KLUEM's specialized team consisting of measurement experts, exclusive fabrication facility, and award winning installers, strive to achieve nothing less than perfection. Call us for further details..