Interior DESIGN

Every successful design that you interact with, is a product of a thorough search of the correct balance between form and function.  KLUEM's staff strives to provide you with unique design solutions help you achieve your goals...

Interior design requires careful analysis and planing of the space and client's needs. It requires technical knowledge for addressing the engineering challenges and artistic skill in order to provide esthetically appealing spaces. Our design team comprised of individuals with unique minds handling both of these concepts well.

Our interior designers have extensive knowledge of materials, budgeting skills, communicate well, and oversee the ordering, installation, and maintenance of all objects for each project. They also know about plumbing, electrical capacity, HVAC systems, safety, and construction. With KLUEM's ability to build and remodel, planning and implementing all aesthetic and functional decisions are seamless.

KLUEM designs interior spaces for both remodeling and new construction projects for a better lifestyle, higher productivity and increased property value with greater creativity and innovation trough collaboration of designers and construction experts, delivering more accurate estimates in less time.